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Sep. 1st, 2005 @ 08:19 am well priced vets?
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Date:September 1st, 2005 12:52 am (UTC)
Phone the Cat Protection shelter in Clackmannan. I adopted a stray and they ended up paying for her to be spayed even though I didn't adopt her through the shelter - I don't know if they would pay for anything else but they might well have information.

Also, this cat's two kittens went to the shelter, and I think it was the shelter that provided a special cage to allow them to be trapped (they wouldn't come anywhere near humans). Which might help the 'getting her captured' part.

The PDSA have some kind of funding for low incomes, so you might want to look into that. I'm not sure that 'skint student' is enough - I think they want council tax benefit or housing benefit - but it can't hurt to ask.

I use Betavet in Alloa - which is where I saw the PDSA information - so if all else fails you can call them. I don't know about payment plans but again, it can't hurt to explain your situation and ask what they might suggest.

Hope this helps!
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